Kathleen co-created Pacific Midwifery as a private practice in October 2000, became the sole owner in 2007 and has worked in Clark County since 1993.  Patty joined the practice in 2007, Lauren and Lori in 2016. Donna came to PMM&WH from Healthy Steps, where she delivered babies for 20+ years. She is known by many women in SW Washington!Nurse Midwives

    Collectively, we five Certified Nurse Midwives have safely assisted the births of over 4,000 babies in Clark County, at SW Washington Medical Center and Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. We work in consultation with OB Hospitalists, Legacy Maternal Fetal-Medicine, community obstetricians and other healthcare providers for multidisciplinary care throughout pregnancy and delivery.

     We currently deliver all our babies at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. We are proud to be a part of the gifted and talented team of employees and professionals who comprise the staff there.You may obtain information on classes and onsite tours by calling the hospital at  (360) 487-4840.

     We are the only credentialed providers of WATERBIRTH at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. We have been providing this service for over 10 years. We believe labor and birth in water is a wonderful birthing experience and invite you to learn more here on our website under WATERBIRTH.


   According to Wikipedia, Midwifery is a health care profession in which providers offer care to childbearing women during their pregnancy, labor and birth, and during the postpartum period. They also assist the mother with breastfeeding.

     A practitioner of midwifery is known as a midwife, a term used in reference to both women and men, although the majority of midwives are female. In the United States,  Certified Nurse Midwives are advance  nurse practitioners. In addition to giving care to women in connection with pregnancy and birth, midwives also provide  primary care to women, well-woman care related to reproductive health, annual gynecological exams, family planning, and menopausal care.

   Midwives are autonomous practitioners who are specialists in low risk pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. They strive to help women to have a healthy pregnancy and support a natural birth experience. Midwives are trained to recognize and deal with deviations from the normal. Obstetricians, in contrast, are specialists in illness related to childbearing and in surgery.  The two professions can be complementary, but often are at odds because obstetricians are taught to “actively manage” labor, while midwives are taught not to intervene unless necessary. It is within the scope of practice for a Nurse Midwife to attend women in labor with pain medication and epidurals, and to assist with waterbirths.

     Certified Nurse-midwives were introduced in the United States in 1925 by Mary Breckinridge. Breckinridge chose the nurse-midwifery model used in England and Scotland because she expected these nurse-midwives on horseback to serve the health care needs of the families living in the remote hills of eastern  Kentucky. This combination of nurse and midwife was very successful. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company studied the first seven years of the service and reported a substantially lower maternal and and infant mortality rate than for the rest of the country. The report concluded that if this type of care was available to other women in the U.S., thousands of lives would be saved, and suggested nurse-midwife training should be made available in the U.S.

   In the United States, Certified Nurse-Midwives are educated in both nursing and midwifery;  in Washington, they must have a Masters’ Degree. We provide gynecological and midwifery care of relatively healthy women. In addition to licensing, our midwives have Active Medical Staff privileges at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital and only deliver IN HOSPITAL.